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This is a union of professional artists of all kinds of fine arts.

These are exhibitions and competitions in Russia and abroad.

This is a stimulus to creativity and an advertising of creative achievements of women-artists of Russia.

These are cultural contacts with colleagues all over the world, with other public and women organizations.

This is a mutual support of women-artists and assistance in solving different social problems.

We render charity assistance to weak and unprotected and search for sponsors for important cultural and social programmes.

We are ready to present the works of our artists at exhibitions and galleries, at public cultural centers, at the fairs of art souvenirs.

Maria Esmont

Chairman of the Creative Communities of women - artists "Iris" from 1989.
Member of the Moscow Union of Artists, member of the Union of Russian Artists.
Honored Artist of the City of Moscow



1989. Establishment of a Creative Association of Women Artists of Moscow –
IRIDA uniting 100 artists of all kinds of fine art. Maria Esmont was elected a President of the Management and occupies this post till present time.
Since 1993 - “Spring Salons” – annual contests of women artists of Russia (The Board of Adjudicators is traditionally headed the Russian Academy of Arts. The main prize – a bronze miniature statue of goddess Irida discovers new names of winners who created the most significant works of fine art.
Since 1998 – Organizer of annual traveling exhibitions of art works of Russian women artists through European countries - Eurotours - with participation of authors.
2010 In connection with 20th anniversary of IRIDA it was worked out and implemented a project of a festival “Women in Art” along with an exhibition “Creative Cookroom” which was displayed in “Novyi Manezh” - the Moscow state exhibition hall (Concept and curator activity of L. Bredikhina and M.Esmont)
1999 – A book of M.Esmont under the title of “Ten Years of Spring” was published.
2003 – An album-catalogue “Women artists in contemporary art of Russia” was published in connection with the decade of “Spring Salons”..
2005 – A book “Women artists of Moscow. Their path in art” was published. M.Esmont acted as the author of a project and a compiler of a collection of 203 biographies of Moscow women artists.

"The House of IRIDA"

Is a popular art gallery and a cultural center..

These are regular exhibitions cum sale of the works of artists, the author original souvenirs and gifts.

These are parties and concerts, studios of fine arts for children and adults.

This is teaching of skills to make art souvenirs by those who need work at home, assistance in their selling.

The artists of "IRIDA" fulfill orders:

to work out a firm style and polygraphic design of printing products;
to produce firm souvenirs, medals and prizes for different competitions in different materials.