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“Novy Manezh”, Moscow, February 26 –March7, 2010

Thanks a lot to my dear women artists and to organizers of a such wonderfyl exhibition.
The artists are so different, so talented and deeply engrossed in creative work. I congratulate Irina Lennikova, Klara Golitsyna, Natta Konysheva, Elena Laricheva, Marina Koleichuk, Antonina Taptykova, Maria Esmont and many others. Thank you so much again.
T.E.Leongardt, engineer.

One needs only to leave his flat and come here to make his heart joyful. Thanks a lot.

Our family enjoyed the exhibition very much. A picture “Flowers” (oil on canvas) by Antonina Taptykova is beyond all praises.
The Smirnovs

“A Festival of Life” drawn by Anna Anikienko on the wooden boards looks exclusively smartly and heartfelt.
Mark Kiselman

It is a rather remarkable exhibition. Women`s avant-garde is a separate world, it is their own planet: a lot of fairy-tales, games, fancy-dress balls… But there is a minor bewilderment – why is so much attention paid to outside colour image rather than to inside content? We wish the artists many bright days and plenty of joy
Prof. S.Molin

“My Life” by Svetlana Nekrasova is something outstanding. BRAVO !
Yury Liubin

I was impressed very much by a picture of Julia Ovanesyan titled “Unless you see her she is positively walking on the table.” An exclusively funny subject and a rather good coloration. Thank you, Julia.

The exhibition is rather curious, unpredictable, but uneven. Side by side with excellent pictures and sculptures you can meet something resembling simple daub.
Personally I like a portrait of Anna Akhmatova painted by Natalia Filippova and computer graphic by D.Tomkute from Lithuania titled “Elena. Winter”, “Elena Summer”.
N., age 87.

Your exhibition creates a very good impression. It is nice that it was organized by women. There are many works that stir up jovial mood. Especially We like Olga Velikodnaya`s works made in new technique. We would to mark out “A family composition” by the Motovilovs and a sculpture “Angel” by Natalia Grinyova.
Gorshneva, Zlatinskaya

I can`t conceal my admiration looking at art works by A. Taptykova, E. Shumakova. It is classic. It seems to me that I am in an old garden filled with lilac aroma and absolutely beautiful live peonies. An of course, still-lives of both painters are real miracle.

The exhibition of works of IRIDA artists is a great event in the cultural life of Moscow. All picture look wonderful but I wish nevertheless to mark out the works by S.Kalinicheva, A.Taptykova and E.Shumakova. And I wish to say a lot of thanks to Nina Shcherbakova-Ionova and Irina Nesterova.

Our women are a real treasure. They can forge, draw pictures and bring up children.
With admiration and adoration,
Smolenkova, Kulakova

Dear ladies, artists of IRIDA, please accept heartiest congratulations!
With deep respect

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