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The traditional exhibition of works of Spring Salon`s laureates of 2011 The traditional exhibition of  works  of  Spring  Salon`s  laureates  of 2011 was open in the Union of  Women of Russia. The exhibition  proved the correct decision of  the Jury: the best works shown at Spring Salon  have composed an excellent  collection of women`s  art. A young generation of talented artists has appeared.  V.I. Perfiliev, the official representative of the Ministry of Culture , Fine Art Department, (a traditional participant of the Jury since 1993) noted in his speech that  art shows and contests have proved to be viable and  desirable to artists and to cultural society of Russia. The same feeling was characteristic of a round table meeting where a frank talk of new participants of Salon exhibition  took place. The exchange of views  showed  the aspirations of the young  to find a proper way in life and  the problems of elder generation of women artists who have certain hardships in present situation. All of them, young and old. Wish to take active part in current projects of IRIDA. The Union of Women of Russia  has also expressed its  willingness to  support  young artists in  projects carried out by the Union.