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The exhibition in the Moscow Cultural Foundation
January 23-February 3. Painting in the open air in Balkan countries.
The exhibition held in the Moscow Cultural Foundation showed the works of the artists-participants of outdoor painting sessions that took place in Serbia and Bosnia
It has to be noted that the IRIDA members first time participated in international plein-air in Bosnia organized by the enthusiast Simo Lakeshich from the town of Bielina as early as in 2010. The Russian women artists came back home greatly impressed with hospitality of Bosnian Serbs with whom they made friends.
Once more, in May 2011< our artists visited Bosnia where they fruitfully worked in the open. The Bosnian organizers willingly provided the Russian artists with canvases and paints. The artists in their turn donated a lot of paintings to the hosts.
Balkan countries became a favourite place for IRIDA artists. We are deeply thankful to our Serbian friends for their precious help and hospitality and for their eagerness to share with us their knowledge and for their desire to make us acquainted with the most beautiful and interesting places of their land. We saw that peoples of Balkan countries wish to live in peace and friendship and feel sorry for forced partition. It was clearly seen especially at plein-air gatherings which attracted artists, poets, musicians and intellectuals . All of them wished to meet again at the moment of parting.
This exhibition is a token of love and respect we feel for our new friends at the Balkans.