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Women-artists of three continents under one roof

Nine members of “IRIDA” represented Russia and the European continent at the exhibition of women-artists in the Republic of Korea. America was represented by their collegues from Portland and Asia – by women-artists from Daegu, Gwangju and Kuengju.

Three continents – three different styles in art works. Koreans proceed in their creations from Nature, moving from hyper-realism to abstraction. Americans look rather political and social minded. The works of Russian artists are mostly varied and appear more qualitative professionally. They embrace two schools: Russian and European.

Like in previous years the invitation to participate in this important forum of women-artists was received from Park Nam Hee, professor of Art, Daegu University. Russian artists took part in conferences discussing problems of women in Art. They visited local museums and art-studios, made themselves familiar with the system of art education and enjoyed excursions over the region.

The “IRIDA’s” artists are of the opinion that South Korea is an extremely fast growing country whose people are deaply interested in art  and culture. They carefully save old traditions of many generations

All Russian artists were surprised by the excellent work of local volunteers who had managed to organize many such interesting and very useful functions. It was a general feeling that the Korean artists are seriously interested in Russian art and in life of Russian people