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Zelwa – 2011. One more action of artist’s friendship

June 6-20. It is the 10th meeting of artists from the countries of frontier aria. in Zelwa: there were artists from Poland, Lithua, Belorussia, Ukrain and Russia. The sponsor – the Union of artists of Poland and the main organizer and the kindly soul of this Art-colonia – Maria Ruksto Chmielecka.

Russia was represented by 4 painters from “IRIDA”: Lidia Martynova, Irina Nesterova, Natta Konysheva and Larissa Koneva. All of them were for the first time in Zelwa and were deeply impressed by its nature, beautiful lake and friendly spirit in the company of all artists. Everybody worked hard. The first exhibition was opened in Zelwa to the end of this action. Artists presented their new works to the guests of Zelwa. It was a real celebration of people who likes the Art.

On November the artists are going to meet again at the big exhibition in Warsaw.