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“EAST-WEST”- one artist exhibition of Maria Esmont
February 16-26. “EAST-WEST”- an one artist exhibition of Maria Esmont`s works was held in the Russian Union of Artists at Begovaya St. The name of the exposition speaks about a combination of geographically non-coherent notions. The point is that Maria had visited a good number of countries. By the words of one lady-journalist, Maria felt deeply and reflected in her art “a taste and a colour of the globe”. A few words from the guest-book of the exhibition: “Her works, let it be painting or drawing, show a turbulence of colours of Orient and a nervous jazz-like rhythm of New York as well as a solemn ascension to havens of European Gothic architecture and a simple pastel beauty of Russian North”. Maria`s long-term passion is Orient -
Laos, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. 15 new art works devoted to that picturesque country are displayed at the exhibition.
Combination of creative work with the organizing activity of a President of IRIDA gives Maria a fresh stimulus and helps her to realize very ambitious plans.