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The exhibition of children`s drawings and the feast at IRIDA Home
The exhibition of children`s drawings and the feast at IRIDA Home.
May 25 is the last day at schools and in IRIDA art studios. A traditional show of children`s pictures gave pleasure to our eyes by bright colours, absolutely original subjects and individual attitude of young artists to tasks offered by their pedagogues.
The three different authors` schools are represented at the show.
Nadezhda Orlova teaches children to understand decorative compositions and styles of Russian folk art. She makes her pupils familiar with Russian history and fairy tales. Her youngest pupils are scarcely three years old.
Eleonora Belevskaya is an advocate of full freedom in creative work. Her 3 years old “masters” feel fully unconstrained in manipulating with brushes and paints. They are specifically good in colourful abstractions which can easily be a subject of envy of some adult avant-gardists. The elder children proceed to “figutativeness” saving at the same time the freshness of colours in their still lives and illustrations.
Lydia Martynova`s Studio is a guest at IRIDA Home. The artist conducts lessons at her place. She gives children a chance to try themselves in different media and subjects, even in fashion designing. Lydia makes her pupils acquainted with works of famous artists visiting museums and at exhibitions.