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Our congratulations to “Gallery” of Liudmila Ostapishina
20 years ago an art gallery “Lasta” was open in Moscow as a kind of Nizhny Novgorod artists` representation in the capital city. The long- term activity of Lasta promoted popularity of several now well-known artists from Nizhny Novgorod. Among them are Honored and People`s Artists of Russia: D.Kalinin, A.Kuznetsov, Yu.Chuvashev, A.Dudin and also there is our Irida`s artist Vera Timchenko from  Nishny  Novgorod. 
The important role in this connection was undoubtedly played by a paper bearing a name “Gallery”.
Liudmila Ostapishina , the editor and writer of the paper is very close to IRIDA not only as a professional journalist well read in arts but mostly like an art critic , intelligent and benevolent person who deeply undersnads real values and aspirations of artists She was an initiator of “Women`s Summer” exhibitions in which the real stars of Russian fine arts like T.Nazarenko, O.Grechina and A.Bernshtein took part together with artists of IRIDA.
From the bottom of our hearts we congratulate Liudmila Ostapishina with the 20th anniversary of hear noble activity.